SEEN by: André Cota de Sousa

SEEN by: André Cota de Sousa

SEEN by: André Cota de Sousa

C.R.T.D asks people that inspires the brand to show them their own perspective and creativity, to tell us how they see the world and everything around them.


On our first post of SEEN by: we asked to André Cota Sousa to show us his vision of C.R.T.D. André is a great inspiration for our work as he has a curious and creative mind and a particularly cool sense of fashion and style.  

He was born and raised in Azores, a small group of Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic, but have always been drawn towards the hustle and energy of a big city. André lives in Berlin now.


"I always loved working with my hands, there's something honest about your skin touching a surface", says André. "So I figured design was the closest thing to getting a degree in 'making things' and I went for it".



"Also I’ve always been into music and fashion, which for me goes hand in hand and influences a lot my work; focusing now my work majorly in graphic design, I approach things a lot like how those rebel zine artists were doing it the punk movement, experimenting, playing with typography, making it almost illegible so that you actually stop for a second and take your time to figure out what’s happening in the artwork."



"I feel like, as a designer, I have the due to inspire other people;  make them feel something with my artworks, it’s about how people will relate to the colors, the  textures and the calligraphy aiming for a reaction."


With CURATED I find myself in a constant free vibe. The vacation feeling in the patterns and the super light fabric makes this shirts super versatile. Whether I am in Berlin, back home or traveling around, I always have them with me.

Nature inspires me, vibrant Berlin inspires me, people who work hard inspire me, people struggles and accomplishments, Aretha Franklin voice inspires me. The list goes on.



Pictures by: André Cota de Sousa
Words/Interview by: Carlota Morais Pires


André wears (by appearing order): Natural Kenyan Shirt, Wamba Shirt in Blue and Pink, Mombassa Shirt in Blue, Samburo Shirt in Pink, Karen Short Sleeve Shirt in Orange, Chyulu Shirt in green (hanging in a tree), Mkokoni Shirt in Red.