Palácio Belmonte – A hidden treasure. Located right in front of the Castle of S. Jorge you find this beautiful hotel, with no more than 10 rooms, with pool and amazing views to the city. It is the only hotel in Lisbon featured on Assouline “Chic Stays” book and people like The Rolling Stones, One Direction and Christian Louboutin have stayed there.

Memmo Principe Real – Charming city hotel, beautiful view right in the heart of the Portuguese capital. Great for an afternoon drink or even a quick swim looking over the city.

Dear Lisbon – Small boutique hotels with different locations. Charming and local areas.  

The Independente Hostel – If you are looking for a more affordable stay The Independente is an award winner Hostel. Great location!



The beautiful red door marks the entrance to the discreet hotel Palácio Belmonte. 



Lisbon is known by the amazing food so it was hard to compile all the good restaurants in such a small list.

100 Maneiras – Great for food and drinks. Its Portuguese cuisine with a twist, worth a visit. Please try the mushroom egg salad.

Nunes Marisqueira – Whatever you read about Lisbon someone will mention Ramiro, a cheap and amazing seafood restaurant. Nunes Marisqueira is as equally good and a bit more pricey but you won’t have to stay two hours waiting for your table, just call and reserve!

Agua Pela Barba – A small local restaurant of Portuguese cuisine, mainly fish and seafood, with a modern twist. One of my favorites.

Restaurante das Flores – This one is really the real deal. A typical Lisbon restaurant, with the best food and the best price. Hard to find, there is not even a name outside.

If you are not in the mood for only Portuguese there are several other options, La Trattoria (first Italian restaurant in Lisbon, amazing food and great vibe), JNcQUOI and the new JNcQUOI Asia (stunning restaurants with amazing food, amazing drinks and good environment), Yakuza First  Floor or Hikidashi (both sushi restaurants).


Rua Augusta, on the way to Terreiro do Paço



A Vida Portuguesa– As the name translates, “The Portuguese Life”, as soon as you walk in you can understand why.  A beautiful store with all the old and traditional Portuguese products and brands. You will find everything there, from blankets, to toothpaste and even jewelry. 

A Embaixada– imagine a mall, but now make it cool. Located in one of the most beautiful buildings of the trendy neighborhood of Principe Real you will find a series of national brands. Worth to visit, even if it is just for a drink.


Since the moment you step into the city it's is impossible to miss Lisbon street Art scene



Rive Rouge– On top of Mercado da Ribeira a.k.a. Time Out Market you can find Rive Rouge, a bar/club that is open until 3am, the moment when you will want to head out to a club. Very good music, it won’t disappoint you.

Le Baron– The new locals place, still a Lisbon secret and the place to be at the moment. You can eat there and stay for drinks, but get ready to dance the night away to the sound of disco and all the classics.

Pensão do Amor– A 20’s brothel turned a cool trendy bar. Great place for a drink, except on Friday and Saturday when it gets too packed. 

Cais do Sodré– This is an area, full of bars and clubs. If Lisbon had a red light district this would be the place (minus the prostitution).



Lux– and just Lux! With three different floors for different moods. Considered one of the best nightclubs in the world you will guaranteed have a goodnight – if you can pass by the bouncer. The club will start getting busy by 3-4 a.m., if you arrive before 2 a.m. it is easier to get in.


The Santa Justa Lift, the first elevator in Portugal, inaugurated in 1903.



If you are staying for more than a day or two its worth to check the outskirts of Lisbon. Here are some places worth to visit.

Sintra– A longtime royal sanctuary and a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can see the most beautiful palaces and villas of Portugal. About 30min by car of Lisbon you can enjoy the day in this magical place, but don’t forget a sweater, Sintra is known for its micro climate. Don’t miss: Palácio da Pena and Quinta da Regaleira.

Comporta– Considered one of the chicest places at the moment in Europe, about one hour and half from Lisbon you will find probably one of the most wild and beautiful beaches in the world. With beautiful villas to rent for the week or if you rather stay in a hotel Sublime Comporta is the place. Madonna, Christian Louboutin, Philippe Starck and even the Monaco’s Royal family are usually around. Don’t miss a horse back ridding tour on the beach with Cavalos na Areia or an afternoon shopping at Loja do Museu do Arroz.


Rossio Square



There are a few places and a few experiences that you should not miss while in Lisbon.

Castelo de S. Jorge– The castle with more than a thousand years it is not just a tourist attraction, it is one of the best miradors of the city.

The beach – If it sunny, go see the beach! Costa da Caparica, on the other side of the river, is always a good idea. 

A Fado night – Even if you can’t understand anything what they are singing about it is still worth it. Go to Tasca do Chico in Bairro Alto after dinner and enjoy a few drinks sitting next to strangers at the sound of Fado.

Tuk Tuk tour – not much time to visit the city? Tuk Tuk tours got you covered. It is an original and easy way to see the city. Ask for a 2 hour tour of the city center and the old part.

Try a pastel de Nata – It might be the best thing you can ever taste. Very easy to find in the city but make sure to try the best ones. Pasteis de Belem - it’s the place that invented the Pasteis de Nata, therefore is the only one that can call them Pasteis de belem. Manteigaria – The best ones in my opinion.

Adamastor -  Finish your day here. A beautiful mirador where everyone gathers at the end of the day. 

Our bigger tip of Lisbon is definitely get lost, one of the safest cities in the world, with many things to discover, walk until you are tired, walk until you find a nice place for break.


Castelo de S. Jorge



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